Ministry of Ageing (MOA) could help Singaporean state bodies resolve potential challenges associated with displacement of mature workers due to automation processes. This ministry should have a department aimed to combat ageing, an age-related stereotyping and discrimination. 

This statement is contained in a report prepared by specialists at Institute of Policy Studies and released July 11. They argued that manpower tightness in the country is caused primarily by ageing workforce, low fertility, and limitations for foreign workers. 

Greater government involvement is needed to provide mature employees with high-paid jobs. Education should be continuous, not linear. Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Ministry of Education (MOE) in cooperation with newly created MOA should take steps to change human capital trends in Singapore.

More and more people are now focused on creating a business with wide use of automated processes. Millions of workplaces may be lost due to new technologies (however, in the IT sphere extra jobs may be created).

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